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In the high pressured world of competition, there’s no time for second-guessing. You need the ability to adapt and make the right decision in a split second. When thousands of hours of training go into a few minutes, you can’t afford the luxury of hesitation.
Unlike other cookie-cutter mindset development programs, this is for those who are ready to shatter barriers in your mind with groundbreaking techniques backed in science. Achieve the highest levels of mental agility with tangible solutions and techniques. 
Acquire skills to empower yourself to overcome the mental pressures and difficult demands holding you back. Designed by mindset and visualization strategist Christi Powell, this training combines the power of science and human instinct to foster self-belief and mental agility, enabling you to succeed in sport and life on your terms.

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Christi works with you to identify and address the underlying problems you know exist but don’t necessarily talk about. To do this, she draws on her natural ability to intuit what’s really happening. This allows her to treat the core issue instead of just the symptoms.

Using scientifically proven techniques, Christi designs personalized visualizations with to target multiple challenges, ranging from regulating nerves and emotions to conquering elements to finding internal motivation. You'll also learn to create and adjust your own visualizations, which builds your confidence and problem-solving skills.

To solidify these habits, Christi meets with you regularly to fine-tune your regimen. Furthermore, she imparts mindfulness techniques and cognitive training exercises, fostering a confidence in athletes that extends beyond their sport. This comprehensive personal development approach yields improved performance, superior decision-making, and heightened focus.

My three-step framework is athlete-centered by addressing immediate challenges while also giving you the mindset tools to skillfully adapt to future issues that arise in competition and in life.

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individual packages

  • Competition calls
  • On & off ice zoom lessons
  • Personalized Mindset Strategies

Individual packages start at 6 weeks and can be completely customized to the athlete's needs & goals. Reach out to schedule a free discovery call or a pricing PDF. Packages include:

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  •  custom visualization design

Amy Fankhauser
Founder and National Coordinator for Road to Gold Skating Camps

"Christi brings a fresh perspective to visualization techniques that empower athletes and enables them to see their goals and what is blocking them from a different view. It's a game changer."



In just 1 year, she moved up to Intermediate and placed 4th out of 14 skaters. 1 year ago, she would have been crying and nauseous. I’m so relieved to have a coach that can alleviate my daughter’s angst and learn skills that will help her throughout her entire life.

Adult Figure Skater

EMILY HOtchkiss |
Figure Skating parent

The visualization exercises helped get rid of my fear of jumping. As an adult skater returning to the ice after 18 years, Christi amazingly worked through a decades-long mental block in a few minutes.

In just a month working with Christi, I achieved the financial goal I had set for the year and I have already seen massive shifts in my mindset and decision making. Now I am able to bring more balance into my day-to-day life, especially when things are getting busy or more stressful.


izzy Hudgins | photographer