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My highly-specialized visualizations tackle this from the inside out so you can learn to listen to your instincts and adapt to any situation. When you realize you're more than your sport or business accomplishments, that's when success follows.  

Visualization is an insanely powerful tool for mental strength, confidence, and consistency. Many mental blocks stem from low self-esteem, hectic schedules, negative self-talk, perfectionism, expectations, friends, school, or stress.


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Amy Fankhauser
Founder and National Coordinator for Road to Gold Skating Camps

"Christi brings a fresh perspective to visualization techniques that empower athletes and enables them to see their goals and what is blocking them from a different view. It's a game changer."


Looking to build mental strength or confidence for yourself or your athlete? I offer personalized individual sessions, a 6-week group Athlete Mindset Course and an on-ice Embody your Music class. Click below to learn more. 

Athlete Services

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Build confidence within yourself and/or your coaching staff or work with me to create visualizations specifically for your athletes to achieve peak performance. I offer in-person or online seminars as well as individual sessions.

Coach Services

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Empower yourself and those who work with or for you through visualization seminars, workshops or group classes. 

Corporate or Business Services

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Macie | Figure Skater

The athlete mindset course has changed my confidence completely. I landed 2 doubles and in 6 weeks I learned so many helpful tactics to improve my skating life.


Maya Menom | Coach

I decided to try your visualization technique on my student and OMG! I immediately saw such an improvement, and she was giggling the entire time. 



Heather | Figure Skating Parent

My daughter enjoyed sharing experiences with others and at the end of each class session, she's always a lot more upbeat and positive. she’s more confident…and landing her axel consistently.