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Christi Powell is a mindset and visualization strategist who empowers elite athletes to achieve peak performance and reignite their passion for their sport. A former figure skater, she understands the key to unlocking athletic success lies in both physical training and mastering the mental game. By drawing on her athletic instinct, intuition, and 16-year advertising career writing copy for global brands, Christi quickly finds the right words and images to empower athletes to conquer inner barriers to build confidence from the inside out.
Focused on emerging and elite athletes, Christi offers both 1:1 consulting and group education. She frequently travels to practices and competitions to address athletic challenges in real time and empower her clients to reach their fullest potential. Her clients include Road to Gold Training Camps featuring Olympic medalist Gracie Gold and 2x Jr. Grand Prix Silver Medalist James Hernandez.

Christi Powell | Mindset & Visualization strategist | Former figure skater

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2X Junior Grand Prix Silver Medalist 2023
3 X British Junior ice dance National Champion 

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Clients include:

Singles | Pre-juv to Senior 
Ice Dancers | Junior to Senior
Adult skaters

Figure skaters

Hockey Players 
Cross-country runners

Additional sports

Carly hated to compete because she’s a perfectionist. She would have anxiety and cry right before competing…nothing anyone said could alleviate her anxiety. Since working with Christi, she is much less stressed on competition days. In just 1 year, she moved up to Intermediate this season and just placed 4th out of 14 skaters in her recent competition and was actually laughing with her coach right before starting her program. 1 year ago, she would have been crying and nauseous. As a mother, I’m so relieved to have a coach that can alleviate my daughter’s angst and learn skills that will help her throughout her entire life.

EMILY HOtchkiss |
Figure Skating parent