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Visualizations are a way to create muscle memory without overtraining the body. Not only is it backed by science, but it’s really underutilized. 

I spent 7 years training, teaching and creating highly-specialized visualizations that work to help create a confident mindset for athletes, coaches, entrepreneurs and corporations.

And now, I work with coaches to help them create visualizations specifically for athletes to use on the ice, field or wherever they train.

The athletes I work with inspired me so much, I actually started skating again as an adult and I’m loving every coffee-fueled second of it. 

About me

Welcome, I’m Christi. I’m a visualization specialist who focuses on creating confidence and peak performance for athletes, coaches, or your business.

Christi Powell | Visualization Specialist

Now, I’m taking those same tools to help you empower yourself, overcome mental blocks, and build confidence in a way no one has ever done before.

While I do specialize in figure skating and hockey, these visualizations translate to all other sports.

Growing up a figure skater, harmful habits of calorie restriction and goal chasing were drilled into me. It left me with body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, and a negative outlook on myself and life. It wasn't until I learned visualization tools that I took my power back and decided to create my own happiness. 


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Bronze Olympic Team Medalist
Road to Gold Skating Camps
Figure Skaters: Singles Pre-juv to Senior
Ice Dancer: Junior level
Hockey Players 
Small- and Large-Business Owners

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