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Learn how to project confidence amongst the chaos as an athlete and competitor through visualizations.

Athlete Mindset Course

Visualization is an insanely powerful tool for mental strength, confidence, and consistency.

Many mental blocks stem from low self-esteem, hectic schedules, negative self-talk, perfectionism, expectations, friends, school, or stress.

This 6-week course tackles this from the inside out with my highly-specialized visualizations so you can learn to listen to your instincts and adapt to any situation. When you realize you're more than your sport or accomplishments, that's when success follows. 

Why this mindset course?

Certifications & Compliance 

This 6-week program is entirely online, giving you the flexibility to take it from anywhere. Each week there will be:

What’s included:

A live, online zoom class.
Tasks to help build confidence.
Specialized guided visualizations.
Discussions in the community group.
The recorded live class to watch all week.
A 10-minute individual Zoom call with me.

Using specialized visualizations to find your power during practice. 


Learn how to shift the negative into positives.

Reset Your Outlook

It takes a lot of little failures to win big.

Embracing Failure to Succeed

Quiet your mind amongst the chaos, and keep your cool when you lose control.

clearing your head + controlling anxieties

topics covered inside the athlete mindset course

Macie | Figure Skater

The Athlete Mindset course has changed my confidence completely. I used to take in everybody's negative energy and bottle it up, but I have learned that it’s ok to flush that out. And honestly, that has and will impact my life in a positive way forever. My skating has changed so much in the time period in which I took Christi's Course. I landed 2 doubles and my double Lutz has gotten so close which is crazy. I used to only land a new jump about every 8 months and in 6 weeks I learned so many helpful tactics to improve my skating life.

Morgan H | Figure Skater

The Athlete Mindset Course really helped me and not just in my sport. I’ve started to like myself more than I thought I could and I’ve been able to believe in myself MORE. My skating has changed for the better because I landed my AXEL and this course helped me believe in myself. Also, I make goals that are more achievable now rather than making goals that I know I can’t complete. 

Amy F.

Christi brings a fresh perspective to visualization and meditation techniques that empower athletes and enables them to see their goals and what is blocking them from a different view. This course opens your eyes to thinking about your goals in a different way. As a coach and skating camp director I loved watching the girls in the course discuss everyday concerns with other athletes. The connection between the athletes and Christi and with one another was amazing. The Confident Project Athlete Mindset course is a game changer.