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Build confidence within yourself and/or your coaching staff to learn how to create visualizations specifically for your athletes.

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Instead of drilling elements over and over, which many times can actually make it worse for the athlete, create muscle memory with specialty visualizations during training.

Not only will it have an immediate impact on your athlete’s elements, it’ll help keep the athlete excited, confident, and from injuring their body due to overtraining. 

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Invite Christi to speak to your athletes or coaches on zoom or in person at your facility. Topics include (but are not limited to): how to have a confident mindset on and off the ice, bringing your best coaching self to the ice and how to create and use visualizations for peak performance and more.

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Book a one-on-one session with Christi to learn how to translate corrections into visualizations during lessons for peak performance. 

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Bring Christi to your rink to show your athletes how to embody their music with visualizations on ice to perform their programs confidently. 

Embody Your Music Group Class

Christi brings a fresh perspective to visualization and meditation techniques that empower athletes and enables them to see their goals and what is blocking them from a different view. This course opens your eyes to thinking about your goals in a different way. As a coach and skating camp director I loved watching the girls in the course discuss everyday concerns with other athletes. The connection between the athletes and Christi and with one another was amazing. The Confident Project Athlete Mindset course is a game changer. 

The connection between the athletes and Christi ... was amazing.

Amy Fankhauser | Founder & Director of road to gold skating camps

Since Carly began working with Christi in 2021, Carly has made huge positive improvements in her mindset with ice skating competitions. Carly hated to compete because she’s a perfectionist and would focus on the negative if she didn’t land a jump or mess up on any components of her program. She would have anxiety and cry right before competing and didn’t want to get on the ice…nothing anything said could alleviate her anxiety. Since working with Christi, she has learned visualization techniques and is much less stressed on competition days. Prior to working with Christi, I thought she was going to quit ice skating because of competitions. In just 1 year, she moved up to Intermediate this season and just placed 4th out of 14 skaters in her recent competition and was actually laughing with her coach right before starting her program. 1 year ago, she would have been crying and nauseous. I’m not sure what Christi has done, but as a mother, I’m so relieved to have a coach that can alleviate my daughter’s angst and learn skills that will help her throughout her entire life. I would recommend The Confident Project to any athlete, not just athletes, but to anyone needing a shift in their negative thinking to positive.

Emily Hotchkiss | Figure Skating Parent

I’m so relieved to have a coach that can alleviate my daughter’s angst and learn skills that will help her throughout her entire life.

My one-on-one session gave me the clarity and reassurance I needed which encouraged me to take the necessary steps towards my career goals. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Christi, I wouldn’t have been able to see the possibilities of where I could take my career. The biggest thing that stuck with me from our session was that you have to be willing to put out good energy in order to get good energy in return. This mentality has helped me in so many facets of my life that I will continue to practice each and every day. 


TEAMUSA ’17-’20 

The Athlete Mindset course has changed my confidence completely. I used to take in everybody's negative energy and bottle it up, but I have learned that it’s ok to flush that out. And honestly, that has and will impact my life in a positive way forever. My skating has changed so much in the time period in which I took Christi's Course. I landed 2 doubles and my double Lutz has gotten so close which is crazy. I used to only land a new jump about every 8 months and in 6 weeks I learned so many helpful tactics to improve my skating life. I think I have improved my ability to be goal oriented which is a huge part of why my skating has improved so much I stress less. I have a lot of anxiety issues based around people liking me and not disappointing people, and I understand that If I let other people’s disappointment change my mood all I am doing is disappointing myself and that is the main root of my anxiety and I think this class will change the way I think about myself forever. I just wanted to thank you for doing this class with us it has been really helpful and I really appreciate everything you have done

Macie - Figure Skater

I learned so many helpful tactics to improve my skating life

From the first moment of our mindset session, Christi’s amazing warmth and way of speaking to my daughter like an adult won her over. They spent 45 minutes together learning and practicing new mindset strategies to combat her anxiety, and my girl came out confident and excited, with visual supports, guided meditation, and a plan to implement. She says she feels like she is “in control” now, and hopeful that she has turned a corner! She also expressed comfort in her connection with Christi, and being able to go back to her if she needs support. I can’t say enough as a parent how grateful we are for Christi’s incredible gifts!

my daughter came out confident and excited


The visualization exercises helped get rid of my fear of jumping. As an adult skater returning to the ice after 18 years, Christi amazingly worked through a decades-long mental block in a few minutes.

Christi amazingly worked through a decades-long mental block in a few minutes

Emily Hosoya | ADULT figure skater

I decided to try your visualization technique on my student and OMG! I immediately saw such an improvement, and she was giggling the entire time. 


Maya Menon | figure skating coach

 I attracted so many amazing clients and connections during my timeline with Christi... That's not an accident. I was expecting to experience a bit of magic over the 7 weeks and I sure did. My mood was better, my business was better, life was just happening for me in a way that's hard to explain, but very real! I couldn't ask for anything more!

I loved acquiring new tools and techniques to strengthen my mindset and my "Power".

Britt Pascal | Crossfit & Nutrition coach


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