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perform your program confidently with mindset VISUalization specialist christi powell


Do you own your music or does it own you? Learn how to embody your program and perform with confidence using specialized visualization techniques by Mindset Visualization Specialist, Christi Powell.

This in-person, on-ice class will teach you to use specific visualization techniques on and off the ice to get in the ideal mindset to perform at your best.

Class Info

Highly-specialized visualizations
Exercises to help perform with emotion
Techniques to skate to different genres

Each class is one hour long and includes:

Beginner Level

Choose a class for any level of skater


synchronized skating team

Private lessons

Embody Your Music Options

For those working on
pre-pre to pre-juvenile.

For those who have passed
pre-juv and up.

Any synchro level

30 min. 1:1 lesson to work on their current program

Macie B.

"These classes really have made an impact on my life. It was so much fun and it has improved my skating a lot.

After I took two classes, I noticed the way I changed the movements in my new program — the change was insane. Everyone was cheering each other on and there was no judgment whatsoever and we just got to be goofy and let our emotions out. Thanks so much Christi. "

Elise C.

"I absolutely loved this class, the ability to be free and just skate to the music."


"I loved how the class gave every skater the freedom to explore different feelings and emotions tied to each song! I really liked the visualization exercises we did before each break out session. That helped me get connected to my body and gave me something specific to turn my focus on."

Mariella C.

"Christi made me feel comfortable in her presence and like it was okay to feel my music when I skated. I loved that I got to dance on the ice."

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