Britt Pascale is a certified nutrition coach, CrossFit Coach and life coach. She's worked with Olympians, high-level athletes and professionals. Britt has spoken at panels alongside Jess Mendoza, Jenny Finch and Sue Enquist, and is currently the Director of Training and Development for NCSA Next College Student Athlete.

Nutrition Coach


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An Elite Training Experience for Figure Skaters Promoting Physically and Mentally Strong Athletes. It is our belief that every skater deserves the opportunity to train like an elite athlete, whether you live in a small market or a skating mecca. Road 2 Gold encourages our skaters to push their limits, believe in themselves and to reach for their dreams.

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Christi nailed it.

I loved acquiring new tools and techniques to strengthen my mindset and my "power". I attracted so many amazing clients and connections during this course timeline... that's not an accident. I was expecting to experience a bit of magic over the 7 weeks and I sure did. My mood was better, my business was better, life was just happening for me in a way that's hard to explain, but very real! I couldn't ask for anything more!

Britt P. 


She's landing her
axel consistently.

My daughter enjoyed sharing experiences with others and at the end of each class session she's always a lot more upbeat and positive. She’s more confident…and landing her axel consistently.

Heather H. | Parent


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